Seth Wirekoh, Director of Wellness

Seth is exactly who you’d want as Director of Wellness: he loves to sing and dance all day long, especially with residents, and is always the life of the party. His passion is to see people smile and make them happy.

“I chose nursing because I found an inner satisfaction when I help others,” he says. “I felt I could touch a larger population helping seniors, and I love that I am providing quality care to my residents.”

For Seth, compassion is essential. “You can teach someone skills, but you can’t team them to be compassionate. It must come from within.” Seth began his career as a counselor in a group home for mentally challenged individuals, before he worked his way up to Director of Nursing. He has 22 years of experience in senior living and holds a bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management, as well as an Associate degree in Nursing.

Married with three children, Seth enjoys engaging in church activities in his leisure time. The ideal vacation? On the beach with friends and family…where everyone is smiling.