Parween Nooruddin, Associate Executive Director

Parween has always felt comfortable around older adults, going back to her childhood and time spent with her aunts and grandmothers. In fact, she describes herself as an old soul, which is probably why compassion is her favorite core value.

“The compassion extended to me during my life’s journey has been instrumental, and I believe seniors require compassion as well,” she says. “We may not fully comprehend the intricacies of their experiences as we have not walked in their shoes. That’s why demonstrating empathy and attending to their needs is of utmost importance.”

Sincere compassion and extensive experience in senior living, home care and marketing serve Parween daily as she interacts with residents, families, and other team members. And when she’s not on the job, Parween likes to binge-watch murder mystery shoes, travel, and enjoy quality time with loved ones (including canine companion Toby). She also finds organizing and cleaning satisfying.

Ideal vacation? A serene island with crystal-clear azure waters, delectable cuisine, and engaging outdoor adventures shared with loved ones.