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Senior Living Technology.

Hunters Woods at Trails Edge was recognized with McKnight’s Senior Living Excellence in Technology Gold Award which illustrates our commitment to using technology to better our residents’ lives. We offer the right combination of unique technology design and state-of-the-art equipment to create a forward-thinking world-class safety solution for all residents.

Keyless Access Control

Our proximity lock system provides security and peace of mind for residents by granting entrance only to those who are authorized to be there. This keyless system allows our resident to easily access their apartment without fumbling with a key while carrying groceries or using a walker or a wheel chair. The proximity lock also records all entries into the apartment, so residents will know when maintenance or housekeeping has come by for services.

Powered Apartment Door Entry

At the touch of a button, the automatic door opener gives a resident the ability to enter and exit their apartment easily while using a walker, wheelchair, or cane. This system unlatches a locked door, then opens, pauses and closes it – all automatically.

Visitor Management System

This system is designed for families, friends, thirdparty caregivers, and other vendors to sign into the community. At each entry, the sign-in tablet takes photos of visitors and thirdparty healthcare providers, allowing our leadership team to know who is in the community. A badge is also printed for easier identification.

Hearing-Enhanced Theater

Hearing loss is a common challenge for our residents. To combat this, our theater features a hearing-assistance system that connects to residents’ hearing devices to help them enjoy movies, programs, sports games and performances. For hearing aides that are bluetooth enabled the resident simply switches their devices to the telecoil program and they automatically receive clear customized sound right in the resident’s ear.

Emergency Call System

When our residents encounter an emergency or a need a little help, our Emergency Call System alerts our care team immediately to their distress. This advanced system allows residents to call for assistance wherever they are in the community by utilizing a variety of alert devices like high risk stations in bed and bathrooms, wrist pendants and neck pendants. It will also tell the team where the resident is in the community for faster service.

Fall Prevention

Effective fall prevention is a high priority for seniors as one fall can lead to a dramatic change in an individual’s health and well-being. Champion by DesignTM is our fall prevention program that gives team members the tools they need to keep residents safe. Through testing, training and reporting, our system is the perfect tool to assess residents’ balance, accurately identify those at high-risk, and implement results-based fall prevention exercises and balance training programs to mitigate each residents’ risk.

Wander Management System

Residents with memory loss are often at risk for elopement from a community. Our community features a flexible and reliable wander management system that seamlessly integrates with our community’s security system and helps to protect our residents while maintaining their dignity. Residents identified as at-risk for wandering, are given a wearable device that will automatically alert our wellness team if they attempt to leave a safe and secure area without our knowledge.

Senior-Designed Fitness Center

Our fitness and rehabilitation center features specialized strength training for older adults. The pneumatic (air resistance) strength training equipment is specifically calibrated to each resident’s abilities to provide older adults with safe, targeted training appropriate for a diverse range of ability and stamina levels. This keeps residents moving for effective workouts for preventive, rehabilitative, and maintenance training.

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